Zidd #Missiondesi

Zidd #Missiondesi

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lonelydreamer543 By lonelydreamer543 Updated Dec 03, 2017

Stubbornness, something that each one has deep inside. Doesn't matter what age group one is, stubbornness is what never leaves. It can be about anything. Sometimes it can be very cute, but if the same stubbornness takes over one, it can ruin many things

Her stubbornness was her revenge, that was the only reason for her to live. She had been longing for this day. But things turned around when she met him, the more she tried to avoid, the more she fell, fell very hard. But before she could realize, everything was already slipping out of her hands!


This is not only a Hussain Asif fanfic but also revolves the lives of the other three!
Hope you guys will like this and support me through it :))
If you're looking for a cute and happy story, I'm sorry but this book is not for you. This book contains some negative themes also 

  • atif
  • dhoombros
  • drama
  • hussainasif
  • missiondesi
  • romance
  • shehryaar
  • tragedy
  • waqas
xbibliophilicx xbibliophilicx Feb 27, 2016
It's amazing how you keep the suspense going on. ❤️ im surely going to enjoy reading this story ❤️
akhi_J akhi_J Sep 04, 2016
yaar i guess yeh suspense maar daalne wala suspense hain......................
Reid-I-Gul Reid-I-Gul May 17, 2016
I'm just about to start.That was the best prologue I ever read.Beautifully written❤
RTdhoomie RTdhoomie Jun 24, 2016
girl you're too good! how do you even come up with such dialogues I mean they're awesome dude keep it up! :)
RTdhoomie RTdhoomie Jun 27, 2016
now that Ive read your book I have a bad feeling abt this 😢
ioye_Ayesha ioye_Ayesha Nov 12, 2015
I think writing to books together will take a lot of time .. So first complete TPSDL and then you can continue with this book ☺ .. If like to write two books together then you can continue with TPSDL and Zidd ☺