Running Towards Fate: Book 3 of the TASMOB series [GuyxGuy]

Running Towards Fate: Book 3 of the TASMOB series [GuyxGuy]

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*Read 'The Art of Seducing My Older Brother' + 'Stitches and Ties' before reading any further* *Mature content is in your future - do not read if GuyxGuy sex just isn't your thing - I am not liable for your disgust* 

'I have these dreams; they are always the same, depressing dreams.' I whispered and he looked up from behind his book slowly, his grey eyes watching me carefully. 'I don't know why but - I somehow find myself alone, in New York. It's crushing...but..." I meet his eyes then; blue on grey - and smile softly. "There’s someone else there, after a while, and he's beautiful; breathtaking...You remind me of him.' 

 Cam Edwards has never felt normal. The youngest in a family of six, he had only ever known the inside of his therapist’s office and school. But when he finally breaks away and goes to New York for college he thinks he's finally free of all of the little things that make him feel different; the dreams, the drugs - the therapist. 
But what happens when Fate plays her hand and places someone in his tracks that reminds him of the brooding beauty in his dreams? 
What happens when the dreams only become more and more vivid and he slowly finds himself falling in love with an imaginary man and the guy who reminds him so much of his dream boy? 
Is it really meant to be? Or is Fate just having her fun?

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chelseyab chelseyab Jan 01, 2016
@NoPressureJustBoxers  CHARACTER DEATH!!!! Who do you think you are!?!?!?! :( I'm so scared to read this. Downright terrified. What do I do???
A_L_C_A A_L_C_A Jan 08, 2015
@superman2 i couldnt sleep it took me 2 hours to fall asleep
missjaeger missjaeger Jan 03, 2015
I wanna read, but... What if they all die again? I don't think my heart can take anymore; I literally just finished the last one like 2 minutes ago ),; 
                              Nah I'll chance it n read
InsanityNightmare InsanityNightmare Dec 01, 2014
Debating on reading this one or not. God the last one was so feely and now that all 3 of the boys are dead I don't know if there's a point for me but I'm still curious god dammit
shwentcrazy shwentcrazy Aug 12, 2014
is it bad I was like okay sex whatev-BJ?! HOLY LORD SWEET JESUS F*UCK 
                              I don't know. my mind.
PsarionInfinity PsarionInfinity Aug 09, 2014
And you better give them the happy ending they all deserve in this second chance