echo. | larry stylinson.

echo. | larry stylinson.

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❞ Words hurt. Words break you, leave you in pieces. They hurt like a thousand knives. ❞

Harry Styles is an unhappy person, he is the victim of bullying at school. Being called names or beat up is a part of his daily life and he believes everything he is told. All the words haunt him every day and he is broken. Harry pushes everyone away and he has problems letting anyone in. 
But what happens when someone moves into the house that was across the treet, including a teenage boy that caught Harry's attention from the second he saw him? Will he be the one who finally hears Harry's screams for help, or will he be yet another person that breaks Harry? 

» trigger warnings concerning self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

» currently being edited.

Oh I didn’t see Louis point of veiw😂 and I was liek crap I thought this was Harold the whole time😂but we are good now
ok so when i read 'hello hello' i thought of war of hormones by BTS
larriestyle larriestyle Apr 08
zen I luv you but I'll kick yo arse, don't touch louis' frog baby
What's the pleasure of cutting? I mean I tried one day (cause everyone says it makes the pain go away) when I was crying over some family problems and it didn't help at all. It actually made me feel worse cause I let myself down by even trying to that just once.
If it's who I think it is......Zayn, hun, pls do what you're best at. Leave.
Y'all over there ^^^^^ stay strong, I've seen a lot of comments like those in other fics and it makes me sad