echo. | larry stylinson.

echo. | larry stylinson.

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❞ Words hurt. Words break you, leave you in pieces. They hurt like a thousand knives. ❞

Harry Styles is an unhappy person, he is the victim of bullying at school. Being called names or beat up is a part of his daily life and he believes everything he is told. All the words haunt him every day and he is broken. Harry pushes everyone away and he has problems letting anyone in. 
But what happens when someone moves into the house that was across the treet, including a teenage boy that caught Harry's attention from the second he saw him? Will he be the one who finally hears Harry's screams for help, or will he be yet another person that breaks Harry? 

» trigger warnings concerning self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

» currently being edited.

In my school there is no bullying. I'm not even sure if students know the meaning to the word 'faggot' there
Btw 4 years clean. 😊 Why everyone here were cutting or still cut? We need some reasons to be happy.. If I only could I'd hug you all and keep talking about how much I love you. Sorry for my grammar if it's bad but I'm just a fool girl..
I've never done this so 13 years clean lol but you guys stay strong
I could relate, tried to cut myself but ended up crying til i felt better.... I just wear long sleeves cause i dont want people to see my hideous skin condition. Eczema. Do yall relate?
Adeela1234 Adeela1234 Oct 06
It is a glitch that is seen in my wattpad books.  Hugely annoying and sucks ass.