Brutal (On hold till December 20th)

Brutal (On hold till December 20th)

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lily By lilybooks Updated Jul 16

Out of breath, wounded and thirsty she made a dash towards the forest. She  ran away from that one man whom she feared the most. Just when she thought she was out of sight she banged into something hard. Falling on her bottom her fearful eyes looked up to meet his furious ones.

With a swift sweep of his hand he backhanded her and she fell back on the ground. He hauled her up by burying his hand in her thick locks.

"You have no clue what is about to come." 

"I..I'" She quivered in his hold.

"You will be punished."

A sob escaped from her trembling lips.

"Pl..please.." She begged only to be scooped up in his possesive embrace.

He would unleash his wrath  and she knew she would not be able to escape him today.

laylax_xx laylax_xx Aug 08
Well... I mean I would really hate you if you killed my father but setting all that aside let's say you didn't kill her father.... I'll be yours
This is awful poor thing can't comprehend he's passed on.  😩
This guy killed her father and is abusive! This better not be one of those stories where the guys a dick but he ends up apologizing and they get back together! What he did was unforgivable! 😡
Nadia_menders Nadia_menders May 21, 2015
Ok that was intense.. Is it some kind of possessive love story? But it sure sounds interesting.....I think I got another to add to my library
wandering-girl wandering-girl May 20, 2015
OMG!! The prologue is amazing.. can't wait for this story.. update soon :) xoxo