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Pen Your Pride


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Ombra By LastLightAlive Completed

((Keep in mind that I wrote this years ago- so please excuse the bad grammar))


((Child!Reader x Father!Optimus Prime))


"Hello, child. You know who I am, am I correct?" The robot asked a bit hesitantly. 

", you know who I am?" (Y/n) asks back. The robot smiles gently and lifts a digit. He then rest it gently on the small child cheek.  

"Of course," The robot answers the question. "My name, is Optimus Prime, but you may call me sire,"

(Y/n) is a sweet young girl at the age of 10 with a loving mother and cheerful father. 

Or so she thought.

What happens when they simply all go to a park together, only for the mother and father to lie and abandon her? And almost right after, have an encounter with two Decepticon drones?


Started: 2015
Completed: 1/31/18

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MelT201 MelT201 Jun 10, 2016
Could you possibly make the reader go out on a shopping day with Miko and June, but is taken by Soundwave due to the readers energy signature. Then have the reader escape the technical and tactical genius.
DarknightPrime DarknightPrime Jun 10, 2016
Reader find his way through the portal and to a battle the bots see this but Megatron kidnap the reader and take care of the him/her since starscream want to crush him/her and Megatron becomes like  an uncle for the reader
Rosepetals28 Rosepetals28 Jun 10, 2016
I don't see many scenarios with him. Could you please do him?
EternalWinter18 EternalWinter18 Jun 11, 2016
Miko becomes friends with the Reader and she then grows to become more like a big sister
LunarQueen13 LunarQueen13 Jun 10, 2016
I'd be ironic if she somehow got close with a big bad Decepticon. Not like Megatron though (he was close to Optimus before the war, it wouldn't be awkward enough). But close enough to become like another parent. Can you imagine the look on the Autobots' faces when they find out!
Raining_Silence Raining_Silence Jun 12, 2016
I want this guy to be taken down by our cuteness and innocents