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((Child!Reader x Father!Optimus Prime))


"Hello, child. You know who I am, am I correct?" The robot asked a bit hesitantly. 

", you know who I am?" (Y/n) asks back. The robot smiles gently and lifts a digit. He then rest it gently on the small child cheek.  

"Of course," The robot answers the question. "My name, is Optimus Prime, but you may call me 'Oppi',"

(Y/n) is a sweet young girl at the age of 10 with a loving mother and cheerful father. 

Or so she thought.

What happens when they simply all go to a park together, only for the mother and father to lie and abandon her? And almost right after, have an encounter with two Decepticon drones?


Started: 2015
Completed: -

Her_Tulip Her_Tulip Jul 10
I did notice your location, but I didn't think much of it and now I can't remember what it was... >.<
Down to the ankles
                              (My hair used to be like that util  my mom cut it off because it was to difficult to brush and no one usually helped her with it)
I thought Decepticon offlined you ;-; 
                              Man,i really wanted to hug u rn XD //*cough//
Emberda Emberda Jul 10
Thank goodness I thought your going to discontinued the story... And I love your story