Natsu x reader one shot lemons

Natsu x reader one shot lemons

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onigiri By Smol_Onigiri Updated Aug 18


нι welcoмe тo мy вooĸ,ι нope yoυ all enjoy wнaт'ѕ ιnѕιde,alтнoυgн ιт мay ѕтarт oғ a lιттle crιngey weιrd and ѕнorт ι нope тo progreѕѕ мore aѕ we all geт тo ĸnow eacнoтнer


moonstone6654 moonstone6654 Sep 03, 2016
Whenever I see " tuff " I think of the outsiders for some reason
Undead_777 Undead_777 Dec 13, 2016
It would be hilarious if the hair was a wig and she kept running.😂😂😂
RainRose101 RainRose101 Aug 12, 2016
When he throws me in the bed while I'm still in the air * turns around and does super man pose*
chocolatetrufflebean chocolatetrufflebean Apr 17, 2016
Omg I've been trying to remember the name Natsu for a while now isn't he from Fairy Tail