Natsu x reader one shot lemons

Natsu x reader one shot lemons

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Ticci_natsu By Ticci_natsu Updated Oct 14

If you don't know what a lemon is I suggest you leave..and if I get one bad comment I'm deleting this story.

Your pov.

I picked up my dress and ran down the thousands of steps and grew tired.

But I knew if I stopped,that idot would catch me.

I ran for a few more moments and saw the door leading out of the tower in veiw..before I could reach it.

A foot was pushed out and I tripped.

"Hmph...I know all your little tricks princess.. Your not fooling anyone."dragneel said holding me by my hair.

(This is during midevil times..midevil times means when there are king and queens and princess...shit like that..)

"Uhhh...let go of me you sock bastard!"I said gridding my teeth.

"Watch your tongue."new said dragging me up the stairs.

Natsu was the one who kept me locked in this tower.He gaurded me night and day.. He was a dragon slayer..he had the powers of a dragon but I hated his guts because he locked me in here.

"Up you go.."be said throwing me back in my cage and smirked.

"You thin...

Whenever I see " tuff " I think of the outsiders for some reason
red1z101 red1z101 Oct 01
*Grabs Natsu by his hair.*
                              Natsu: Ow!! That hurts!!
                              Now you know how I feel when you grab me by my hair!! *let's go of his hair.*
GOD, when I read these things I feel kinda dirty, but I just can't help it, THERE JUST TO GOOD!!
RainRose101 RainRose101 Aug 12
When he throws me in the bed while I'm still in the air * turns around and does super man pose*
This reminds me of that one episode of Sword Art Online were the evil guy tried to get after Asuna but in this story the guy actually got the female character. This is not a bad thing
Omg I've been trying to remember the name Natsu for a while now isn't he from Fairy Tail