stray (markiplier x neko reader)

stray (markiplier x neko reader)

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TylerTiger14 By thelivingweirdo Updated Apr 20

I found the pic and wanted to write.

your pov

I woke up and did my normal yawn stretch thing. I ran on the side walk try to find an open nom place... no luck. I curled up in a ball in an alley and fell asleep. I woke up with a jolt and hissed clawing at whoever disturbed me. "ow!" I looked at the human who yelped and sat down watching him rub at his hand. 'mew?' I sniffed his hand and then bumped into it. he chuckled softly then rubbed my ears. I purred a bit then loader as he started going down my back. I licked his finger trying to wash it a bit. I'm a tiny grey and white tabby with forest green eyes. I noticed that he was sitting, so I crawled up into his lap. he was very warm, comfortable, and I found myself dosing off with him rubbing my back.

Mark's pov

I was walking down the street when I saw a very scrawny cat all curled up in a ball, shivering and twitching. I noticed that the small cat was a girl. cute cat I thought as I went to pet her the minute my hand touched her she ...

- - Apr 14
Wait I licked his hand?!?! And he just randomly solved me into his car. If I was a neko and didn't know who mark was I wouldn't go
I'm better with a tabby brown and black cat with hints of grey here and there
SarahBear65 SarahBear65 Jan 17
I think I'm gonna go with the name Tora. It means tiger in japenese. Probably didn't spell that right but wat evr