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Urushihara x reader

Urushihara x reader

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spaghettioftheinside By spaghettioftheinside Completed

A/N first story ever. Please be gentle. I'm not good I know but hey, he's a cutie so I'll try it out. Also I'm just gonna try to jam all my warnings in here. in later chapters Violence, swearing, sexual scenes and you have a sad back story. It's mature story. Please be careful and don't read it if you don't like it. (F/n)=first name (l/n)= last name 
(F/c) =favorite color (s/f/c)= second favorite color (y/n)=your name (f/vg/c) =favorite video game character (f/vg)= favorite video game. (F/T)=favorite topping I don't own nothing but plot.

You looked around your new apartment, your mom had aided you in furnishing it yet, it still lacked something. Moving to Japan you left alot of important things behind. Including most of the objects one would normally personalize a living space with. Honestly, you have no clue why your mom had insisted on getting such a large living space for one girl! Your apartment had two bedrooms, a big bathroom, a living area and kitchen. At least you had all the ...

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