I Am Anastasia

I Am Anastasia

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Erin Latimer By ELatimer Completed

Samantha wishes she were someone else. Anastasia, to be exact. Anastasia doesn't sit in the corner and read because she's too shy to talk to anyone. She doesn't keep trying and failing. Anastasia slays dragons.

Of course, Anastasia is only a character in Samantha's story. That's what Sam does, she writes. She writes to keep the monsters at bay. She creates new worlds to escape into. And she writes to block out the cranky ramblings of her jilted father, who refuses to acknowledge the woman that ran out on them years ago.

But Samantha finds herself thrown into a not so magical adventure when she discovers her long lost mother has been in town all along. She has questions that need answering, and a few arrow- accusations... she'd like to sling. But there are obstacles to storming the castle, her father for one. 

Either Samantha makes this her happily ever after, or it all ends in tears...

Either way, the story is about to change.

itsmeraro itsmeraro Mar 29, 2017
I love the way you wrote and explained things . The book kind of like talking to me itself by every word😍😍😍😍
PatchedUpLove PatchedUpLove Sep 11, 2017
Is it weird that my name is Anastasia and, the description of her is strangley similiar to my actual appearance??
CharmiGal CharmiGal Feb 27
My dad once said that I should get "a job you work at everyday instead of being an author", like I'm literally facing what Samantha is going through
Goofy_reader_2412 Goofy_reader_2412 Aug 15, 2016
Whats wrong with tight jeans..? They do look good on boys if they can carry them well..
Alexander226 Alexander226 Mar 28, 2016
Wow I just read a few paragraphs and I think I just relived my middle and high school years. Which was not to long ago. I wrote a book of an adventure I wanted and I didn't finish it. I even rewrote it and put it up on wattpad. Wow, I feel goosebumps.
uncomfortableBrunett uncomfortableBrunett Feb 25, 2016
This is a lot better than I had expected! I'm really enjoying it so far!