Hi, I'm Awkward. (BxB)

Hi, I'm Awkward. (BxB)

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Being a fifteen year old boy is already hard enough. 
    Pimples, body odor, accidental boners in gym and the jackasses who always feel they have to use smaller kids to make a statement. Imagine adding two more hardships to the list:
    1) you're a closeted gay that even your best friend since kindergarten doesn't know. 
    2) your name is the very adjective that defines your entire existence: Awkward. 
  This story follows the life of Awkward Vinch and friends as they embark on a journey through High School and find growing up is not as hard as they once presumed. 
    HIGHEST RANKING: #31 In General Fiction 
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Published: May 21, 2015
Revisions began: July 24, 2016

    I will try and fit as much representation in this story as I can.

Devygirl3 Devygirl3 Nov 22
Lion: *stares at steak* Fuckn gay, who'd eat you? You're raw. Ew.
Hey, I think that the "transgendered" you have there should actually be "transgender", without the -ed.
Devygirl3 Devygirl3 Nov 22
Hey, I've got to go find something. It's very important that I find it.
                              *hours later*
                              I CAN'T FIND IT!!!
                              Them: Find what?
                              WHERE I ASKED FOR YOU TO WATCH MY EVERY MOVE!
New character because she just won't fit with any of the other characters.
Can I just say that this is the most TRUE thing I've read on wattpad in a long while! Thank you for that!!😁