Hi, I'm Awkward. (BxB)

Hi, I'm Awkward. (BxB)

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KindaSortaWriter By MerWrites Completed

Being a fifteen year old boy is already hard enough. 
    Pimples, body odor, accidental boners in gym and the jackasses who always feel they have to use smaller kids to make a statement. Imagine adding two more hardships to the list:
    1) you're a closeted gay that even your best friend since kindergarten doesn't know. 
    2) your name is the very adjective that defines your entire existence: Awkward. 
  This story follows the life of Awkward Vinch and friends as they embark on a journey through High School and find growing up is not as hard as they once presumed. 
    HIGHEST RANKING: #31 In General Fiction 
    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO: @merwrites @skeespplace

Published: May 21, 2015
Revisions began: July 24, 2016

Completed: April 12, 2017

Even edited this book is still trash FYI

littleboyo littleboyo Jun 14
could you make it transgender? not transgendered? it makes us seem like objects (im trans)
EliFisher5 EliFisher5 May 27
I thought this was going to be with a gay trans boy as a main character, bit disappointed
Zingiberaceae Zingiberaceae a day ago
When lots of books I read have that best friend of the main character who is always so unlikable. We need a Ron Weasley or a Hermione Granger. Or maybe both.
WarBlazeN WarBlazeN Apr 05
I could just say " no I was just staring off into space" because that's a normal thing for me, and they would believe it.
KingSquidgy KingSquidgy Jan 06
Transgendered; the past act of transgendering 😂 oh cis people thanks for the effort