Demons ▸ Steve Rogers [2]

Demons ▸ Steve Rogers [2]

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marnie piper By wandasmaximoff Updated Jul 30

❝Most days my demons are silent but when they talk, oh God, how they scream.❞

started: July 14, 2015
finished: December 23, 2015
edited/rewritten: February 25, 2017

[captain america: the winter solider]
[book two in the delilah caldwell series]
[cover by @volbeats]

Excuse u but remember this is god's righteous men you're talking about
AOS showed he wasn't dead so that dulled the surprise when he showed up again
sarcasticvodka sarcasticvodka Jun 27, 2016
That awkward moment when you ship Holland (Lydia) and Dylan (Stiles) and they are brothers😂😂😂
nuesthetic nuesthetic May 08, 2016
*kim k voice*
                              if you know how I feel, why would you do that
Phil : *makes smeagol voice* Yess he's gonna sign my precioussss..
fangirling-is-my-job fangirling-is-my-job May 26, 2016
I'm listening to the Save Rock and Roll album rn and I'm so happy