Demons ▸ Steve Rogers [2]

Demons ▸ Steve Rogers [2]

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soul crusher By wandasmaximoff Completed

❝Most days my demons are silent but when they talk, oh God, how they scream.❞

started: July 14, 2015
finished: December 23, 2015

[captain america: the winter solider]
[book two in the delilah détruire series]
[cover by hannah]

sarcasticvodka sarcasticvodka Jun 27, 2016
That awkward moment when you ship Holland (Lydia) and Dylan (Stiles) and they are brothers😂😂😂
*kim k voice*
                              if you know how I feel, why would you do that
fangirling-is-my-job fangirling-is-my-job May 26, 2016
I'm listening to the Save Rock and Roll album rn and I'm so happy
Beyond_TheHeart Beyond_TheHeart Sep 05, 2016
Whenever I my heartbroken I listen to that song while reading fanfictions.
Beyond_TheHeart Beyond_TheHeart Sep 05, 2016
I think my favorite song by Fall Out Boy is Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued, but that one is a close second.
Calums_Buttcheek Calums_Buttcheek Jul 16, 2016
Phil: *chokes on spit and eyes go wide while smiling* Have a good day sweetheart! I'll see you soon! Oh and use protection! *hangs up phone* Yes! My precious trading cards will finally be signed. *smirks*