Heart Stealer  {Master S.Freddy x Maid Reader} (Discontinued)

Heart Stealer {Master S.Freddy x Maid Reader} (Discontinued)

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Lulu O's By LeonaBot Updated Dec 10, 2015

Ever since your mother and father died due to Tuberculosis, you and your little brother have been living on stolen goods for the past 6 months. You were even given a name amongst the city, and even Lord Shadow as "The Navy Cloak", but none of that mattered to you. You only thought of trying to keep your brother alive, but always wondered if it would be better for him to have a new family where he would be able to live his life as a child instead of a possible fugitive. You end up slipping and get caught while trying to hide, but it wasn't a guard... Who was that mystery man, and why did he look like Lord Shadow?

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I'm a fabulous tall girl, I guess I could see the confusion...
Seriously is this Cinderella you know Scarlett is the step mom and the other bitches the step sisters and I'd rather live in the streets
Is this the gender bent me? Cause I'm legit confused why I relate so much...
If this was me I would have grabbed the kitchen knife I had in my pocket and stab her abdomen then gouge her eyes out and force them down her throat and finally slit her throat
I love the gray, it will make my eyes pop. And the W shaped neck line. Why its gorgeous!!!
Damn. This uniform is on a whole new level. I wanna get one now.