Used to Play Pretend

Used to Play Pretend

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taylor. By tayloryorkyall Updated Oct 17, 2016

//joshler fanfic//
" u s e d  t o  p l a y  p r e t e n d"
tyler is depressed, josh isn't.
tyler's in love with josh.
will josh be or is he playing pretend?

cover credit goes to @SkyLabyrinth

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i keep thinking of jacob sartorious: "i can't drown my demands they no how to swim" i hATE JACOB SARTORIOUS
I've never read a story that's gotten to the point this quick. woah.
I told my friend about brendon urie and what an amazing singer he is, so she looked him up (this conversation was over text) and came back and said: "well he is ugly af so I don't care" and well, you can imagine my reaction...
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some ppl ik say Brendon isn't hot and I then  proceeded to tell them off
                              When you finally get out of the friend zone and you're put in the brother zone:
                              ( ¬ 益 ¬ )