The Makeover

The Makeover

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AnonymousWritingBee By AnonymousWritingBee Updated Apr 04, 2016

"Sometimes, we fall in love with our nightmares, as they are dressed in daydreams." 

Some people get on your nerves and, sometimes, it doesn't really matter. However, when they tend to bump into you everywhere you go, it does. Even more so when they get a makeover.

Ace Anders; the girls' boy, and Alice Owen; the prude nerd, do not get along much. In fact, they do not get along at all. Ever since Ace laid eyes on Alice, he hated her. The hate only grew when he dated Alice's best friend, Lilian. 

With so much bullying, and hate, Alice Owen left her old school. For two years, Ace enjoyed the absence of his nightmare, Alice. He almost forgot about the girl he bullied in ninth grade. Almost. 

Alice Owen decided to go back to her nightmare of a school, only with her makeover. She will be dammed if she did not get her revenge from everyone, specially Ace Anders.


This was for the Wattpad six-word-romance-book contest. I am developing it into a book.

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