The Bestfriend | A Lesbian Story

The Bestfriend | A Lesbian Story

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PLL_Is_Lofe By PLL_Is_Lofe Updated Jan 31, 2016

There was something about her. Something about my bestfriend Phoebe that I couldn't figure out. I had other friends of course but I felt different around her. 

When we touched I felt electricity flow through my body. When she looked into my eyes I couldn't keep my stare or I would blush. When she hugged me from behind I felt at home. I felt like that in her arms and with her in my arms. 

It took me awhile to figure out what it was, almost a year. It was late December and we were watching a movie as a class...
I was sitting next to her. I wanted to put my arm around her so bad but I told myself I wouldn't. I couldn't do that stuff anymore because I knew how I felt. I had actual feelings for my bestfriend. I mean that's crazy who does that, she's a girl and my bestfriend. I must be going insane. 
There was some joke in the movie and I looked over at you and you smiled and laughed "That was hilarious." she said. I nodded and turned back to the movie. God she did things to me. 

I finall...

EmilyBarba5 EmilyBarba5 Aug 05
Oml this book is lit I swear you have to read this and share this
Leapyearbaby29 Leapyearbaby29 Sep 03, 2016
Why doesn't Phoebe talk to her anymore?! - Munro McLaren @PLL_Is_Lofe
ElizaMcnuggets ElizaMcnuggets Oct 23, 2016
Is this a true story cuz sometimes you put "you" instead of she? This story is so amazing btw
PLL_Is_Lofe PLL_Is_Lofe Oct 24, 2016
No must have been a typo. I'll go back and fix it. @CarinneTzur