In Love With My Gay Best Friend

In Love With My Gay Best Friend

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maaryxwin By maaryxwin Updated Jan 04

"I don't care if he's gay, in fact I'll always love him even more. But the whole time he didn't bother to tell me... I fell deeper and deeper in love with him."

I'm Ava Scarlette , 17-years-old. A young girl who had no potential in life, yup... that's me alright. Let me just say, my whole life I've only can remember a few things. In the beginning from like 5 to like 6 or 7-ish? I don't remember much. However after that, in elementary school was when my memories began. That was when I met Ryan Knight... the guy I end up falling in love with.

Ryan Knight, also 17-years-old. We have known each other pretty much since birth because we share the same birthday, August 18. At first, I hated him for having the same damn birthday as me and both of our parents would celebrate it together ever since I started elementary school. It annoyed the hell out of me considering my mom would get him more gifts than she would for me. 

Another fact, he became my neighbor in middle school, how convenient for all of us. 

Now it's kind of different. We both go to Stonerose Senior High School as juniors as of right now. Things couldn't get worst when I really fell in love with him. 

I began to have feelings for him when he saved me from getting kidnapped, it's a long story. God, it sounds so cliche, but I can't forget how heroic he was in my eyes after that day. I was happy being with him or just hearing his voice. To me he was perfect, even after we fight, he would apologize even if it was my fault. I hated to admit it, but I love him.

I was ready to confess my feelings, in hopes that he felt the same way. We've been together for so long... I thought maybe we had a chance. Until he introduced me to someone he felt was the one... and to my surprise it was a boy. 

My life turned upside down after that very day, but this end up becoming a story about me, where I learn how to fall in love again, in the strangest way possible.

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