To Win a Prince's Heart

To Win a Prince's Heart

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Elyza By PhantomDoll Updated Mar 02, 2017

"You have brought genocide on my people, slaughtered our Ruler, his family, and his allies, and you have humiliated me in front of hundreds. My people have lost all hope. What else could you possibly want from me?" The boy seethed, his eyes livid as he stared up at his enemy. 

The prince gave the boy a sullen look. 

"You," The prince said. "I want you."

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idk_i_gtg idk_i_gtg Oct 16, 2017
This has nothing to do with the story but I am dying at the author's #nobody-will-even-check-the-tags in the tag section. Thank you!
LTN6134 LTN6134 Feb 04
Wait it's not really confusing I just wanna know if they are in a relationship lol
KlarelWreath KlarelWreath May 30, 2016
Please please pleeeeeeeeeeeaase  continue writing this story. I loooooove it sooooooo much!!!!!!!
- - Mar 24, 2016
PLEASE UPDATE! *A* I completely fell in love with this story just reading the summary! *hands raised in the air* I'm hooked 🎣 plz plz plz update *begs in desperate voice* THANK YOU ^_^
Alymirra Alymirra Feb 28, 2016
This story has a lot of potential! Looking forward to your next update :)
Roguerosethief Roguerosethief May 26, 2016
.......................... *pterodactyl noises* I'm already hooked, don't leave me hanging here o(╥﹏╥)o