Trailers for Race to the Wonders

Trailers for Race to the Wonders

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There is ANOTHER Pixar Detective Spinoff in the works, depending on how everything goes. More to come shortly.

Excerpt from Chapter 24 of Jon Negroni's Pixar Detective
STEVIN: Do you know Cara, the daughter of Violet? Or Logan Parr, the daughter of Dash? I know them personally.
ROBERT: Those two have been missing for over 10 years. What would you know about them?

Ten years after the disappearance of two girls, things had spiraled out of control. A desperate search for them, a power at odds with the university, and a confirmed manhunt for a renegade, teams had been set up to serve whatever goal they seek to fulfill.
Meanwhile, in another time, a territory dispute and war threats bring unbalance to members and more manipulation by whoever has the skill and power. During times of crisis, there will be teams formed to create peace, or war, to the universe.
From the writer of The Cascades and Interstellar Heroes Origins, these trailers will excite people and rush them into wondering...will they be excited for more?

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