Percy Jackson, Guardian of the Hunt

Percy Jackson, Guardian of the Hunt

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Huntress08 By Huntress08 Updated Oct 23, 2016

Percy Jackson is abandoned and betrayed by all he trusts. He loses all hope of the camp he once called home, and runs off. Will he ever return? And if he does, will things ever be the same?

Fanfiction by @Huntress08

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SwordMasterDJ2610- SwordMasterDJ2610- Aug 31, 2016
I always feel like Percy should pray to Hephaestus real quick and ask for a duplicate ring and throw the duplicate at her so he could save it for someone who is actually worth it
DeusVult423 DeusVult423 Dec 02, 2015
I can just imagine Poseidon giving Percy another letter that just says "Brace yaself homie schists gonna get real"
vakama905 vakama905 Jul 26, 2015
Hmm, an interesting choice, making him an Aphrodite kid. I like it.
rhunescape rhunescape Jun 29, 2015
Finally a betrayal story without a new son of Zeus or Poseidon. Thank you