Correctly Misunderstood | ✓

Correctly Misunderstood | ✓

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[Completed + Edition Two]

Seventeen-year-old Harper Elliot couldn't wait to get out of school. It was all she had been waiting for since heartbreak struck. The idea of leaving town and discovering the world outside was a prospect that kept her going. 

Then came Lucas Allen, an ass, who also happened to be her ex-best-friend-and-boyfriend's worst nightmare, with a deal she couldn't refuse. He would give her a one-way ticket out of Arlingted to meet her best friend, if she were to help him in an elaborate cover-up with his parents.

But as an unexpected bond forms between the two to complete the task, perhaps, she might just find herself re-evaluating what else is really out there for her - the truth being that everything she ever needed was right at home.

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Lexhi1010 Lexhi1010 5 days ago
In fact it is amazing how we desperatly are looking for love all the time. However, it  comes then when we do not expect it at all.
Lexhi1010 Lexhi1010 5 days ago
I feel like you are being shady to sweetdreamer33 at her book The girl he never noticed. Hope I'm wrong.
AmmarahKhan2 AmmarahKhan2 20 hours ago
Okay so you are telling me not to quit my idea of reading this? Well i won't 😃
rageynerd rageynerd 3 days ago
Do talk ever just read these blurbs and think "they never think it's going to happen until it happens to them" and realize IN THAT CASE IT MIGHT HAPPEN TO ME THERES STILL HOPE
Some of you acting like you've never read Rob thier's books lmfao
AmmarahKhan2 AmmarahKhan2 20 hours ago
                              January 19, 2018 
                              Karachi, Pakistan 
                              1:23 am 
                              Well i am not sure about this book but lets just Hope that it would be a good one 🙄