Fifty Shades- Reminiscence #romantic #contemporary #mature #billionaire #ceo

Fifty Shades- Reminiscence #romantic #contemporary #mature #billionaire #ceo

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Neha Dubey By yescallmeking Completed

He is so close to me yet so far. We both are listening to our quickening breath. I look upto his eyes and discover that his ardent, intense eyes are gazing me with lust, passion, anger, desire or what? 
He comes more closer as my breath becomes harsher. I think he is about to kiss me but he kisses my forehead and leans his forehead to mine and sighs out. 
"Why Anastasia? "
"Were you deliberately trying to make me jealous?"
I keep quiet. 
"Tell me Ana" he says menacingly with wrath boiling inside him.
I continue being silent and look into his eyes trying to find out what's going inside him.
"Ana" he growls and holds the either sides of my shoulders which gives me a sharp pain.
"Christian you're hurting me, leave me!" I beg.
"I could kill you Ana. Why would you do something like that? Tell me why" he almost shouts.
"Why do you bother Christian Grey? It has nothing to matter with you. 



yescallmeking yescallmeking Sep 05, 2015
@KMaria72 Thankyou. I shall surely take your suggestions into consideration.
Hae_hae1121 Hae_hae1121 Jul 19, 2015
Just so we're clear, the wife Christian is talking about is Ana right ? Not some other wife he had after her ?