Not a Chance, Alpha.

Not a Chance, Alpha.

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• Jas • By daydreamdoubts Updated Jul 06

There was nowhere to hide. 
Nowhere to run.
He'd catch me, and Lord help me;
I might even enjoy it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Daniella Mitchell is a hard headed vampire out for revenge. She lost her older brother, Chance, to werewolves. She has made it her goal, to kill them all. One by one. Whatever it takes, she will avenge him. 

Bradley Grey is the next in line Alpha for the uprising, Silverwood Pack. He is about to give up on finding his mate and Luna when a certain young lady sparks his attention. The only problem? She wants to kill him..

I have this weird feeling that they r not even her parents at all...
Tannahill2002 Tannahill2002 Dec 29, 2015
I really like it!!! I have a new book that is just like this. It is called Broken Without You. I just started yesterday and now there are 9 chapters!!! Check it out!!
aalibabes aalibabes Sep 05, 2015
Seriousely? Edward? (No hate just reallllly not a fan of twilight) :D
PrettyPrutt PrettyPrutt Aug 28, 2015
Hey! I read the first chapter. It's really good! You're editingsso flawless-ly:)
xwontxgivexupx xwontxgivexupx Aug 25, 2015
My parents would probably ground me for being out that late and they never ground any of my siblings
Ohana_L0v3 Ohana_L0v3 Aug 25, 2015
i really really really really have a taste for vampire and werewolf stories now that i read this it sounds so interesting. this is the first story i read about vampires