The Dark Alpha (BxB, MPREG).

The Dark Alpha (BxB, MPREG).

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The God Of The Lost Ones By Mr-Lemon Updated Aug 03, 2016


David is a cruel playboy rich Alpha, he doesn't want to be tied down, a hole's a hole.

He'll fuck anyone.

So when he finds his mate, all he wants to do is fuck and leave him.

And he does, David finds out that he is pregnant and forces Blaine to get an abortion and rejects him.

But his mate leaves and to his horror he ends up moving away for four years only to return with son.

David is still the same alpha. Except his new BF is Blaine's brother.

Boyxboy love and mpreg!

ZeroDegreesF ZeroDegreesF Sep 15, 2016
Just because you are pregnant, doesn't mean that you are a mother. I mean in real life then yeah it probably does, seeing as how only females can get pregnant. But a mother is female, while a father is male. You cannot be a male and a mother, even if you are pregnant
linzie684 linzie684 Jun 08, 2016
I hope you're going to finish this story because I love it. Good job and hope to get an update soon :)
Yurijan_Otaku Yurijan_Otaku Aug 28, 2016
I'm.... Confused.........................l.....l....... I don't know anymore
Blake_Hoe Blake_Hoe Feb 27, 2016
I red the bio... OH MY GOD WHAAAAT
                              I just am gonna get the feeeeeels in this story
Amrak324 Amrak324 Mar 24, 2016
I love it, I can tell that you put a lot of effort into it. You have good grammar and spelling, I'm really digging this book. :)
kenny_26 kenny_26 Jul 06, 2016
For some reason this sentence is very funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂