Bad Blood [Matt Murdock x Reader]

Bad Blood [Matt Murdock x Reader]

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Tadashi-Targaryen (Jess) By Tadashi-Targaryen Completed

"Band aids don't fix bullet holes. 
You say sorry just for show. 
If you live like that, you live with ghosts. 
If you love like that, blood runs cold."

Foggy Nelson is starting to wonder if he can trust anyone in his life or if he should just start assuming everyone is secretly a vigilante superhero type. First it was Matt. Now it was his sister (YN). He wasn't sure exactly how long she had been secretly operating a women's self defense club to train them to be the best they could be, and while he supported her cause it was still overwhelming for him.

Meanwhile, Matt Murdock encounters a new vigilante on the street that is starting to give him a run for his money. As Matt tries to find out who she is, he tries to balance his search for her, his vigilante work, his job, and a potential new girlfriend: Foggy's sister (YN).

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wonderqueer wonderqueer Jun 23
uhh you better hook up with his sis otherwise why would i be reading this???
SimplySavi SimplySavi Nov 03
One of my OC’s is a Vigilante. Her real name is Tessa Blake but she’s known as Renegade.
Dr_Awes0me Dr_Awes0me Sep 19
Is that honestly his reaction was not I'm going to kill you for this or something of the sort but, you better bring me extra rice. LOL
wonderqueer wonderqueer Jun 23
wtf what perfume am i using in this fic and where can i get it irl
Yup, yesterday actually, you know fighting crime and whatevs
minkookie04 minkookie04 Jul 03
Foggy will kill us but...I WOULD LUV 2 CATCH UP THIS WEEK!!!