When He Holds Your Hand

When He Holds Your Hand

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Layla French is nearing 30 and in a marriage that lost its spark years ago, will a run in with Harry Styles lead to the distraction she so desperately needs?



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JemmasQuill JemmasQuill May 14, 2016
This is almost exactly my life (minus Harry Styles of course) I'm fascinated!!!
Lucy8404 Lucy8404 Aug 10, 2016
It would be my luck that I would look hideous on the day I had a run in with Harry 🙈
youstolemahmattress youstolemahmattress Aug 17, 2016
Woah!! I'm just gonna pretend she's 25 that's old enough for a 19 year old 😂😐😂
Joyalex2 Joyalex2 Nov 14, 2015
If I knew I had the chance of running into Harry.. I can't even finish my thought bc it would never happen.
Joyalex2 Joyalex2 Nov 14, 2015
I would be freaking out if Harry was in the same room as me. :)
Jay_Styles2010 Jay_Styles2010 Nov 09, 2015
that's the reason I never go out looking like that. Just in case I run into Harry Styles! ha ha