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The Wolf who fell inlove with Little Redhead (HQ yaoi AU)

The Wolf who fell inlove with Little Redhead (HQ yaoi AU)

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Maru Akaichi By akaichi801 Updated Jan 02

The Forest has been forbidden for quite sometime now because of the vicious wolves that were said to be lurking inside the woods. But Hinata doesn't believe in them - he believed that the woodsmen were just looking for something to blame their own failures. But when a plague hit the town, ailing hundreds of the townsfolk, Hinata and his friends: Yamaguchi, Nishinoya and Tanaka volunteered to search for the cure which can only be found inside of the woods.

What would happen to them once they have a first hand experience with the wolves?

I started mixing random drinks together when I was bored
                              Had to clean all the dishes as a punishment
I think we all know that Nishinoya is the star of this fanfic
My friends when I whine to them why they're not with the person I ship them with
Ayano_Knightrider Ayano_Knightrider 3 days ago
I don't know what the hell is wrong with me but I just a imagined a furry "sesame" like hand and lured hinata to the the dark side slowly....
NorthernNeons NorthernNeons Dec 25, 2016
Are they are werewolves? I still dont understand, honestly, ims sorry
Aww, I was expecting the presence behind him to Karate Chop him.