Side Piece

Side Piece

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Alyssa Wonder By AlyssaWonder Completed

For years Gia has given herself to Michael. She overlooked that he kept her a secret in the beginning and even continued to see him when he married another woman two years into their relationship. Now that she is nearing thirty Gia is wondering where her life is headed. She wants marriage and kids but she knew she couldn't have that with the man she loved. She only had herself to blame for settling into the position of his side piece.

Will Gia summon the strength to end their sexy romps and find a man who can make her dreams come true or will she stick by Michael's side, allowing him to have his cake and eat it too?

Author's Note: This story contains sexually explicit content. It is intended for a mature audience. Reader discretion is advised.

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alexander2583 alexander2583 Jul 19, 2017
The same lips that eats somebody else's 😺 nah I'm good... I don't need that negativity in my life hun.
Flexicution_g0d Flexicution_g0d Jul 13, 2017
Wait so he chose her over u well sorry him but that would've been my cue to hit that door
Brownie2day Brownie2day Apr 17, 2017
She should have known when he married someone else, even though he was still messing with her.
xox_kai_xox xox_kai_xox Jun 15, 2017
Girl you need to put a hickey on his neck let his wife see start confusion with his wifey
BlazeLifestyle BlazeLifestyle Dec 03, 2017
I’m sorry but that’s a homewrecker.. The poor girl can’t see that :/ she’s in denial but who am I to judge?
shyanne899 shyanne899 Oct 12, 2017
No this bs wouldn’t work 😑 eight mofo years of life wasted on a piece s h I t