My Hunter (The Walking Dead Fanfiction/ A Daryl Dixon Fanfiction)

My Hunter (The Walking Dead Fanfiction/ A Daryl Dixon Fanfiction)

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Marie Bingham By ree_louise Completed

I didn't want her to know about him, to know about the man that had left us behind. But now that he was back, how could I hide it? How could I hide the fact that the redneck is her father?

Hayley Bennett had never been more in love in her entire life, loving the mysterious redneck from across the creek. And what baffled her is that he seemed to like her back. Until he up and left her one day, without warning or goodbye. After weeks of depression she decided to have a fresh start and move in with her college friend, Maggie Greene. 
Little did she know that it wouldn't be so easy.

Four years later, Haley and her daughter Annabelle are stuck on the Greene's farm in the apocalypse, waiting for a miracle to happen. Until one day a sheriff turns up with a shot boy in his arms, brining with him the past that Haley had left behind.

I do not own any of AMC's or Robert Kirkman's characters or story lines. I do own my own characters and storyline and would appreciate if they weren't stolen. This story is feature in Wattpad's The Walking Dead Fanfiction reading list! Copyright @ree_louise

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- - May 19, 2017
I'm so happy that the baby's name is also Maggie . Best friend goals
Chronicle_ Chronicle_ Mar 31, 2016
                              Second, how in the hell did you get scenes from next weeks episode???
violeta_rivera violeta_rivera Apr 25, 2016
I've been wanting a pet turtle for like 61525263738383846638282736363 years now *cries for eternity* lowlowlowkey don't know if i spelled that right oh whale 🐳🐢🐢🐢🐢
ErinValiCat ErinValiCat Dec 16, 2016
OMG MY DAD CALLS ME TURTLE!!! Hence my Wattpad name Turtlegates😂😂
SPNxTWD SPNxTWD Feb 07, 2016
Bitch you thought he was dead and that there is proof that you have been wrong
MLGstrider MLGstrider Jul 15, 2016
Let b d the Intro I actually read another Daryl book with that same song and scen s weird