Dealing for Love (Death The Kid x Reader)

Dealing for Love (Death The Kid x Reader)

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You are known for being so loud and energetic everytime. You know yourself that you are not normal, gladly everyone in the gang can understand you except for one person, he is Death The Kid. Everytime you try to befriend him, the both of you will end up arguing with each other. You know yourself that you like to get closer to him and befriend him. 

He got mad at you so everytime you approach him for a talk, he would leave you like you are only an air. That hurts you a lot but didn't make your hope lost for 2 straight years. Today is your 3rd year for trying to befriend him and you will try your best to change yourself. 

You walked up the steps of the DWMA stairs and glided your hands up to run. Your arm hit a shoulder and you felt that person sat down. You looked at your left side still with your arms open wide with a worried face. "I'm so-" the person you bumped into is Death The Kid himself. "oops" you whispered as you look at him from bottom to top. Kid gave you a glare and dusted...

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-Acepii- -Acepii- May 17, 2017
I'm the person in the back of the class that you don't notice and is very weird, so you stay away form them for your safety
CandyBooks2 CandyBooks2 Jun 25, 2017
                              It has to be symmetrical or it wony happen for meee 
KaylaDevil KaylaDevil May 08, 2017
"He just cut your waist open and stare at it." 😏 Why you staring at that part Steiny~?
Im sorry Kid let me try that again... *hits him with a book right between the eyes* there...
ArcticBeaWolf ArcticBeaWolf Jul 03, 2017
Copperclaw Copperclaw Apr 30, 2017
Is it weird that I don't want to vote? It s not cuz the story is bad it's cuz it has 666 votes at the time of this comment, eh ill come back and vote when it becomes 667 or something.