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Lil By whenshereturns Updated Nov 23, 2015

This chapter will be boring but next chapter will not be. 

I watched Maria, my very best friend legitamently from birth, stare at a wall for a good half hour after she ate two whole tubs of Costco ice-cream, then pulled up my textbook and read over some of the stuff that I didn't even care about and wouldn't remember a day after the exam. 

"iVy" Maria shouted in her drunk like state. Remind me to never let her have sugar again, I said to my wolf, Tyne.

I did, she said sounding pissed off.

"I think that I understand the meaning of life." She said skipping over to me. 

"Really and what is that?" I asked looking up from my textbooks, sticking a strand of loose hair behind my right ear, and taking the eraser end of the pencil out of my mouth after biting it for about half an hour trying to get my anger out without hurting her. 

"Gummy bears." She stated firmly. "they will sneak into your room at night and bite of your head if you don't do it first. I TRIED MIND LINKING THE PACK BUT I...

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