Combustible || Teen Wolf [2]

Combustible || Teen Wolf [2]

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❝A$H CA$H❞ By Ashlinized Completed

"We stopped checking for monster under our bed when we realized they were inside us all along." 
-The Joker 

(Book 2) (Season 2)                                                                      


(Imelda Drake series) (Book 2)

T E E N  W O L F


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snaccident_ snaccident_ Jul 15, 2017
I'm going to one of his concerts and I can't wait to see him live
brooklynwhitlock brooklynwhitlock Jul 13, 2017
Cried because the title is [teen wolf] and not [derek hale] 😭😭
dazzlenstretch dazzlenstretch Feb 08, 2017
The song still gets to me after like 4 or 5 years of it being out
endmetrash endmetrash Jan 26, 2017
Wouldn't it be a 180? Because 360 is a full circle, meaning she would be facing the same direction as before the mess up. 180 is everything flipping on its head. Sorry if I sound rude or as though I'm nagging you
arikat_ arikat_ Jun 26, 2015
I'm so psyched to read this! It's like past midnight and I stayed up just to finish Fireball. Super excited!!
Domi4life Domi4life Jun 23, 2015
i started reading this book two days ago and i just would like to say its awesome asf. i only read stiles or scott fanfics but somthing told me to read it and its been the best thing ever