Teacher!Golden Freddy x Student!Reader: Rule Breaker

Teacher!Golden Freddy x Student!Reader: Rule Breaker

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!~Honey Bear~! By VexyVex Updated Oct 10

Cawthon High. A school full of intelligent and we'll working student's. Always working there hardest to pass the year and get a good career life. Making every second count, never breaking rules and always paying attention.

Wait! What is this crap? Rewind!

Welcome to Cawthon High, full of nerds trying to get a good job in life. Boring~ They always pay attention in class and never break rules. Talk about freaks.

You weren't the typical student. No, you were the one always late to class, breaking things and certainly not one to do homework. You loved doing what you did, but it wasn't until you got a new English teacher, did that change.

For you weren't about to be the rule breaker. But simply 'his' rule breaker.

😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏 lemon🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋
Bookworm65 Bookworm65 Oct 16
I can imagine someone lighting a car on fire and getting caught by the cars owner then just turning around and say "don't worry this is just a 'warm' school welcome" in a really happy voice.
Am I the only one here who wants to be successful and have a nice job? Only one? K I'll just be a outcast.
*Cracks Knuckles* Bring It Teddy Bear, I can easily finish that book one day(And It better be a interested book as well (
I'm always thinking about that sadly and wrote like more then 10 smuts with a teacher in it. XD
Me though whenever I see a flat chested pretty girl who thinks she's the sh!t.