Bts imagines smut cx

Bts imagines smut cx

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vampire_princess22 By vampire_princess22 Updated Jun 23, 2016

It had been a very long day with friends and the day had come to end, everybody going to their respected homes, but when you and j hope went home the party didn't end.

You two were dancing away the night and loudly singing along to the music playing, having a glass or two of wine. After a while the music still played but you and j hope sat down on the couch, taking a breather from dancing.

"Ugh its so hot in here!"

You said while fanning  yourself, throwing your head back.

"Aww poor jagi" 

He laughed and pulled your head onto his shoulder.

"Ah your shoulder is sweaty hoseok!!"

You said while playfully pushing him away.

"You know you love me when I'm sweaty jagi"

He sat facing you and pulled you into his chest, you shook your head side to side and tried to fight the grasp he had on your wrists but it didn't work, you eventually knocked him down but you went with him, falling right on top of him.

You both looked in each others eyes, j hope smirked, he leaned in and kissed you, ...

KimSeoNi KimSeoNi 2 days ago
MinjiMeh MinjiMeh Apr 12, 2017
Am I weird? I made Siri read the whole thing out loud. I can't stop laughing now.
rappingcream rappingcream Nov 30, 2017
He played with ma nipples while people were around us. Risky life, jung Hoseok, riskyyyyy lifee.
incomingtrashcan incomingtrashcan Sep 28, 2016
pls tell me im not the only one who thought of the theme song