He's A Werewolf, My Mate, Oh, and Also The Alpha King!

He's A Werewolf, My Mate, Oh, and Also The Alpha King!

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What would you do if the werewolf king wants you? 

Carter is just your average 18 werewolf girl, or that is what everyone thought. Carter is actually a white wolf, a wolf that is so rare that you only see one in a thousand years. While living with her Alpha brother, the young werewolf king or soon to be king, is in search of his mate. But what happens when it's Carter, and what happens when she is forced to come to the castle and serve as his queen?

My dad says when I get one MILLION reads, then I can get a puppy! Help the cause.

Really good chapter. 
                              Keep up the good work👍👍👍👍
The hell kind a name is that....?
                              It's weird but I like it.
solivagant- solivagant- Jun 07
Do her parents hate her or something? 
                              There is no worse fate than being named "Sugar" 😂😂😂
I usually don't do this but it is suppose to be their soft chuckles ((: I know you are trying to edit and that is the only reason why I said anything. I love your wringing so much ((:
Uh nuh gurl! Guys don't just ask THAT question for fun. It means they are thinking about it. 💍
From Got7! 
                              I'm sorry k-pop fan here. So I'm just gonna go...