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Len Kagamine x Reader 「SPICE」

Len Kagamine x Reader 「SPICE」

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done with life By SaveMeFromTheMonster Updated Nov 04, 2015

Another Len x Reader taking place in your last year of high school. 

ps. this has nothing to do with the other Len x Reader! 

Thank chu!~

Otaku_Gamer2002 Otaku_Gamer2002 Oct 25, 2016
Yes, because their gonna do it to you at school. Just kidding, people actually do that and you are in an unused science room
Akira_Akashi Akira_Akashi Jul 17, 2016
Hehe..sorry..I'm getting too emotional Hehhe.... Sorry for the pervious comment
Kami_Trancy Kami_Trancy Aug 21, 2016
how do i get my self in these situations?
                              Ciel: Cause your a DRAMA QUEEN kami
                              me: it not my fault i can cause drama without trying
xXKitty36Xx xXKitty36Xx Dec 23, 2016
                              WHATCH WHAT YOUR DOING
                              KNEEL DOWN TO ME AND APOLOGIZE TO THE UCHIHA!
-Hinamatsuri- -Hinamatsuri- Sep 01, 2016
Oh, how about this. If you fall in love with me, we get married
Neko_cat_sheep Neko_cat_sheep Dec 04, 2016
You want my fist to say it to your face? Cuz it can make a BIG impact.