Len Kagamine x Reader 「SPICE」

Len Kagamine x Reader 「SPICE」

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done with life By SaveMeFromTheMonster Updated Nov 04, 2015

Another Len x Reader taking place in your last year of high school. 

ps. this has nothing to do with the other Len x Reader! 

Thank chu!~

Hehe..sorry..I'm getting too emotional Hehhe.... Sorry for the pervious comment
Whodatagain Whodatagain Jul 06
F you too Len... I mean hope you chock on him Neru... I mean.... Happy relationship
MarryMaddly MarryMaddly Jun 21
This is what happened when I was at our regional contest... Dam it... 😠😠😠
Neko_cat_sheep Neko_cat_sheep a day ago
You want my fist to say it to your face? Cuz it can make a BIG impact.
Are you deaf or something?
                              GAH, I'M SO SORRY LEN! PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!
                              Seriously, I cannot ever insult him...
Whodatagain Whodatagain Jul 06
I mean happy relationship and jail time because you suffocates a girl in bed.... I mean.... Hehe