It All Started with a Jacket (On Hold)

It All Started with a Jacket (On Hold)

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89201 By RubixCube89201 Updated Jul 08, 2014

Based On True Events

Bad boy, Wyatt Matthews, is as bad as bad can be. He's hot, so hot the sun can kiss his ass. He has a reputation that he can live up until death. He's as popular as a celebrity, envy by guys and lust for girls. And he's so rich, he can do just about anything, and get away with it without so much as a blink of an eye. With his signature jacket, that's the symbol of his power, never wearing, just slinging it over his shoulder, he's the most respected kid at school.

With all of this, he would never think of even checking out barely at the top, Autumn Griffin. The well-known good girl who's too smart for his taste. And she always keeps her distance from him. Instead he has his sights set on her best friend, Brooke Anderson. But Brooke finds him a jerk and turns him down. Wyatt never gets turn down, and he'll do anything to get what he wants.

Autumn tries to keep her away from Wyatt Mathews. Why? She thinks she'll get some bad boy disease on her, ruining her straight-A report card. But it turns worse when Wyatt has his eyes set for his next defenseless victim, Brooke. Luckily Brooke has some other guy in her sights, but Autumn thinks Wyatt won't give up that easily. 

So when the two of them make a deal, Autumn gets into the bad boy life of the Big Four. Where she also meets the sweet yet mysterious Cyrus Jones, the hilarious Luis Stinson, and the easygoing Dean Rodriguez. But what's worst is that the good girl always falls for the bad boy.

The question is... which one?

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Seriously, at each beginning I was already hooked by your books...... If that makes any sense. I should work on my grammar.
nextavenger nextavenger Jul 13
I read TGGBB too and it's amazing I'm hoping three of a kind will be just as good
ssbooks136 ssbooks136 Jul 03
Omg I've read this and TGGBB over and over again so many times and I love them both so much! You are an amazing author! 😀 @RubixCube89201
TGGBB.that book is my favourite...I cnt wait for the second part...this book seems to be interesting..