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Wolfie By Wolfielikespie Updated Oct 19, 2015

I walked in the dark.
I heard footsteps as I walked. I had watched a lot of movies and you're never supposed to go into an ally. Big mistake... 
After I walked out the back door of the pizzeria, It was all ally until 34th street. Four blocks away. I almost passed the third block, then two men came out of nowhere. 
"Quiet and you just might live, little miss."
One of them said. 
"Take my money, just please let me go." I said as I held out my purse. I walked backward.
"Wrong way ma'am." Someone said behind me. I turned around to see two more, one had duck tape and a rope. The other had a wooden bat, painted black. I felt something cover my mouth. "Mhn!" I knew it! Someone grabbed my hands and tied them up. I felt the harsh rope tighten.


  • captured
  • escape

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