School for Assassins (Rewritten) - Complete

School for Assassins (Rewritten) - Complete

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       I've been attending Lake Chastity school since I was ten. I've heard that Mr. Cason, the man who runs the school, brings in children with sketchy pasts. My parents died when I was five, and I'd been shuffled around so many times I'd lost count, until 'the incident' happened. That was when Mr. Cason's right hand lady found me and brought me to a school that claimed to be for troubled kids.

	Only those on the inside know what the school really teaches its students. It trains us to become the perfect assassins... but first, we need to pass all our regular classes. Once we graduate, we're put on teams to learn how to work together. Being a lone assassin can be difficult, so we're supposed to learn to trust our teammates and learn how to combine our strengths to virtually eliminate our weaknesses.

	In the six years since I've been here, I've made one friend, and we've only been friends for a few weeks. I'm surprised he still hangs out with me, now that he's seen that I'm a total klutz when I get nervous. I'm afraid of what will happen once we're split into teams. We're required to spend our first week together by testing our skills. 

	How am I going to be able to pass the test of trust, when I don't even trust myself?

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ForestPuppy ForestPuppy Jul 16, 2017
I mean I feel bad for the kid but how does an 11 year old know how to drive
EmileeMonroe EmileeMonroe Jun 05, 2016
Can't believe I'm finally going to start reading this. Here goes nothing.
TheGreatDepression99 TheGreatDepression99 Oct 26, 2016
Omg... i was in this role playing chat and its seriously the same one as the background story of this story!.. hhahaha it was fun, it was a big school and the teachers rarely show up and when they do they practically try to kill us 😂😂
hiddenheartprincess hiddenheartprincess Jan 14, 2016
Finally getting around to rereading this! And I already love it.
shinigami_ruler shinigami_ruler Dec 02, 2015
I'm re-reading this!! I know I'm late! But I'm here now! Can't wait to read it again!! Missed this book
MashIsTheBestPotato MashIsTheBestPotato Oct 23, 2015