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Liliana Stawski, a young woman living day to day within the hustle and bustle of modern day Los Angeles, is trying to make sense of her life 5 years after the death of her parents. She's an ordinary girl dealing with unfortunate circumstances - and some extraordinary gifts.
One day she meets Michael Jackson, a breathtakingly handsome songwriter who falls madly in love with her. Will Lili be able to allow herself to love him back? Or will her fear of her "gifts" consume her?
Danger lurks around every corner, as Lili's life is turned upside down. 

Author's Note: 
"Ghosts" is my first fanfic, I'm so excited finally be a part of the Wattpad community. I have been working on the concept of this story for a while, I hope you all enjoy it! I will always update as soon as I can.
Additional Note: This is a Michael Jackson fan fiction; his creativity and music helped inspire this story. However, in this story, Michael is not famous, and even though the time frame is modern, he looks like he did during the Bad Era in the 80s. I have changed some facts around, but it was all for creative reasons. I love you Michael! I hope you all enjoy! Please leave comments, I would greatly appreciate the feedback :)
*Disclaimer: I do not own any songs, celebrities, or movies referenced in this story.

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moonwalkonmoonlight moonwalkonmoonlight Oct 29, 2016
Music is the best thing to happen to mankind.
                              Second from Michael.
Lavender-Violet Lavender-Violet Sep 10, 2016
Oh my gosh! @Pisces4life Finally got around to reading this and I'm loving it already!  So cool!
- - Aug 17, 2016
WHAT?! Michael Joseph Jackson, the God of dance, isn't in the mood? Has Hell frozen over yet?
xshaayx xshaayx Nov 30, 2016
hey, small boobs, big hips is a pear body shape. Beyonce has a pear body shape. you're welcome lol.