The Smile We Had Forgotten  ( NALU, GALE, GRUVIA)

The Smile We Had Forgotten ( NALU, GALE, GRUVIA)

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(On Friday 12-15-17 I will be revising some of the chapters. Please note that some will maybe be changed, and others will only be correcting the spelling.)

(Was also know as; the smile we never saw again) 

Lucy Heartfilia was a girl that smiled a lot that was until the fateful day of a horrible accident. She loved to have fun and go out with her mother and father,Layla and Jude Heartfilia. She had friend who cared for her and loved to play with her but the accident just changed everything and from then on she never smiled again. She was seven at the time the accident happened. The accident that took her loving mother away from her. Her father thought that it was her fault and started beating her two weeks after Layla's death. She didn't cry because she also thought that it was her fault. A couple of years later she meet Gajeel Redfox and Juvia lockers. When they all became older they made a pack and followed it. Lucy grew up to be a bitch and at her side was both Gajeel and Juvia. Then one day Lucy decided to leave. They moved to Mongolia never taking to anyone but them selfs and had bad attitudes. What will happen if a popular pink head boy got their attention? 
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pix0507 pix0507 Jul 06, 2017
Sorry but, 
                              Who else noticed 'Juvia Lockers'! 
                              I bursted our laughing
yesiwouldlikeabook yesiwouldlikeabook Sep 03, 2016
I love this story line, but your lack of punctuation is killing me.
Errordragonattack Errordragonattack Feb 12, 2017
I just finish reading this book so now I am re-reading it because I LOVE THIS BOOK
foxygirly foxygirly Jul 01, 2016
How old is she again, and she's dealing with this. What the fricken heck.
Puppet_Girl2004 Puppet_Girl2004 Apr 16, 2016
Do not call little lucky a murder!!! If any thing I should make you fell what she fells!! * slaps lucky's dad with Deidara hands while exploding him in the face *
NabilaYoworldian NabilaYoworldian Jul 21, 2016
Really ? I think natsu , gray and levy dared to gotten your bad side 😊😊