Damn cat  {ereri neko}

Damn cat {ereri neko}

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Levi-chan By CaptinClean Updated Nov 18

Levi has a day off because of Erwin and decides to go out with his friends, however he is met with a certain feline in a box. He grows to like the cat, but soon will he find out the cat is a neko. A neko called Eren. There is a lot of drama in this book so try keep up, will Levi and Eren fall in love? (Warning will have a lot of yaoi near the end)

my boots get moody too, especially when I decide to wear my sneakers instead of them
crystal6370 crystal6370 Sep 10
Me when my family forces me to go out with them. Btw I'm antisocial so it's hard for them to drag me out of my room and out of the house.
Lolsan123 Lolsan123 May 18
"Maybe I told the wrong person" nah, don't worry 'bout it. xD
pandaroom pandaroom Jul 14
Petra: "It's my boyfriend Mr.Tree!"
                              *runs over to hug*
My brother had two and we some them try for babies......snail sex is weirx
Lol, it's like me!!!
                              Tell me your secrets, and I will forever tease you about it. 😏😏