Damn cat  {ereri neko} •complete•

Damn cat {ereri neko} •complete•

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Levi-chan By CaptinClean Completed

Levi has a day off because of Erwin and decides to go out with his friends, however he is met with a certain feline in a box. He grows to like the cat, but soon will he find out the cat is a neko. A neko called Eren. There is a lot of drama in this book so try keep up, will Levi and Eren fall in love? (Warning will have a lot of yaoi near the end)

I need a personal Levi so then he can clean my room and the house for me so I don't have to do anything!
Um, sorry author but you go a little mix up on these sentences.
Odettalia Odettalia Jul 05
Oh sh¡t that sound so much like me... I think i say it too often....😅
I luv muffins TOO!!! We have something in common COMMANDER EYEBROWS!
dbecrazy dbecrazy May 09, 2016
Erwin, Hanji, Petra: Levi why are you trying to rape the cat!
Distracted by a muffin dude I don't even get that distracted!