The Vampire in the Pink Wedding Dress

The Vampire in the Pink Wedding Dress

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Lady Angel of Twist By angeltwist Updated Jun 15, 2015

Christie is a vampire with big problems.

After marrying the notorious playboy Jacques to escape an arranged marriage, Christie finds herself on the run from her former fiancé. The only problem is her fiancé is the King’s cousin and when he discovers Christie gone he demands that the vampire authorities hunt Jacques and Christie down. Now fugitives, Christie and Jacques take refuge in a poor human town hoping things will eventually blow over.

Penniless and without a clue Christie has to quickly adapt to her new human surroundings as well as her new husband. As Christie struggles with her personal life she finds herself being pulled into the town’s own problems. Local girls are going missing and later being found dead and mutilated in the forest. There are rumor about strange people living in the forest and worse...

Isolated and alone from the vampire world, Jacques and Christie have only themselves to rely upon now...

Qhawekazi21 Qhawekazi21 Aug 13, 2017
Is Jacques the same Jacques that was King Casper's best friend in Married to the Prince of darkness?
Qamreen97 Qamreen97 Oct 16, 2017
I am confused where this story is going,how is jaques is sophie's cousin,i mean married to the vampire king is not yet complted and here he is sophie cousin.
I'm. So. Confused. Like. Really. Confused. I came here from the other vampire court books AND NOTHING MATCHES UP
NubianScorpio05 NubianScorpio05 May 07, 2017
But if Vampires believe that everyone has only one true mate, than what's up with this whole arranged marriage thing? Is this a political Alliance or something?
Dreaam_catcher22 Dreaam_catcher22 Nov 21, 2017
she up here stating how I feel errday, "a potato in a dress"
AmbrenaLee AmbrenaLee Sep 25, 2017
Do you have to read married to the vampire king before this? Or does it not matter. I don't want to read spoilers for MVP in this