Runaway (On Hold)

Runaway (On Hold)

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AJ By love_janae Updated May 07, 2013

Chapter1: Rowled up

I hadn't even stepped 1 foot in the door before it started. I had just came from a visit from my older sister Layla's house. God, how I wished I'dve stayed there, coming home, was like stepping in a hell hole. As soon as my feet hit the ground her hand slapped me across the face. I never understood what I did wrong.

"Where's my money?" she screamd, in my face.

"I don't know, I just got in." WHAP, another one across the face, I could feel the burn already. 

I usually don't feel it until the 5th one, but this time she was drunk. Normally when she was drunk, she would be anywhere with her boyfriend, besides being with me. There have been plenty of times shes chosed her boyfriend over me, but it still doesn't sink in. 

"Where the hell is my money you slow wench?" she screamed at me again.

"I don't know, but here, heres fifty dollars please take it and leave me alone please." I knew she would take it, anything to drink her problems away.

This all started when I wa...

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