Burning Fire, Cold Ice

Burning Fire, Cold Ice

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Is it strange to say that I forgot a huge chunk of my memory?

That this memory became my other self, sealed away but also something else?

Well, let's go back a few months.

After my adoptive father's death, I ran away with my sister, Yona, and her guard, Hak.

We met a monk and a pretty boy, well . . . He introduced himself like that, but soon left them. 

During this trip, we met more people and our group grew as we searched for the four dragons.
But, let go even more back in time. 

To the time before I met them but after I lost my memories.

I was―

"Akira, what are you doing? Who are you talking to?"

"Ah, no one Yona!"

We got interrupted but I hope I can see you in the chapters! 
Is she gone?

. . . 

She is?


My name is . . . um . . . I think we'll save that for later. There's no time now.

You've heard at least some of Akira's introduction, yes?

Well . . . her past is a pretty horrid time, although, there were friends with her and some happy memories. Of course, I was there too. I just can't believe I let myself put her through that pain. 

She's still a happy girl and I am just happy I can be there to support her then and now. She must have forgotten me after all this time but I will always be with her. 



It seem we have run out of time. Till the next time we meet.

"Do you think she's ready?"

"No, but that's probably because I'll miss her . . . Hey."


"Take care of her for me. Stay with her until the time is right."

"I will."

"Let's just hope nothing goes bad this time."
This is an Akatsuki no Yona fanfic.

I hope you like it! 

*Warning: Slow Updates*

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mb131594 mb131594 Aug 15, 2015
That was adorable, but I do feel that the adoption was a bit rushed. XD