Verboten Temptations

Verboten Temptations

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Anthony McQueen By Imbrication Completed

“N-nothing” I stammered out, trying to scoot back. But he kept the distance filled each time. Soon, my back was against some cabinets as I ran out of room. My heart was racing as he took his last step, closer than ever.

 “I’m not gay…” I said calmly, but panicking inside. He raised an eyebrow and his lips came closer to mines.

 “Who said you were gay? Who even said I was gay?” Dante asked with amusement in his voice.

 “Why are you so close then? Like you’re going to kiss me?” I asked, trying to stay cool and not show any anxiety.

 “Why have you not pushed me away?” He asked me, bringing up a valid point. Why have I not pushed Dante away?
Marcus is a senior in high school with a pretty sweet life. Good looks, personality, amazing musical talent, awesome friends, and a hot girlfriend. But what happens when the new student Dante starts making things a little bit more interesting for Marcus? Prepare yourself for the love, heart-break, and typical high school drama in this story of sweet, forbidden temptations.

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Yellhoes Yellhoes Nov 30, 2017
She didn't even pop you a kiss on the cheek she just shrugged... nah
kyoko-redstrom kyoko-redstrom May 07, 2017
All the time you open your mouth and word come out like "chanel is stuck up bitch"  but still you are dating her only because you want to stay in closet idiot
Mrs--Malik--24 Mrs--Malik--24 Jul 30, 2017
🗣👋🏽Top of the morning to you laddies my name is Jacksepticeye
SirJulian96 SirJulian96 Nov 26, 2016
I'm the same way like it kills me when a race of someone is brought up like what does that have to do with anything.
wishuwerehere12 wishuwerehere12 Oct 23, 2016
I was so embarrassed my first year of band (which sadly turned out to be my only year) because I didn't know how to do anything but mimic a beat I had to spend a month in the closet practicing on beats and counting awfffffuuuulll
That_grl_B That_grl_B Feb 16, 2017
When you're English and you've never been in a marching band