Pawn (Ciel Phantomhive x Reader)

Pawn (Ciel Phantomhive x Reader)

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Shibaa By ShibaaMaybe Updated Jun 16

As an assassin feline girl the queen teams you up with her guard dog at the Phantomhive manor after your father's death.

As his new undercover assassin he makes you his personal maid in disguise.

You don't get along with your new ally until the young master who is about your age takes a liking to you.

You will learn things about yourself from them that you never knew before.

Will you steal this cold man's heart or are you just a pawn in this game of love.

I was ready this and I'm like ok why would Ciel fall in love with me in this book and not sebby then I remembered it was a 
                              Ciel x reader ha
Kitty... Assassin... demon... Pirate... what's next? Do I wield a death scythe?
                              neko, pirate, assassin, 
                              Am I from Narnia to?! :D