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Sorcha De Brún By SorchaDeBrun Completed

"What good is showing I care going to do me, Ethan?" James hissed. "If I care, then I am weak. Don't you get that? I am a machine. I am a soldier. I cannot miss her. I cannot ask where she is gone. I cannot care that she is not here anymore, because caring will get me killed". 

As James tries to come to terms with life a Kingston without the girl he loves, Charlotte finds herself thrown into the real world, far from everybody and everything she knows, a place she is meant to be safe. However, with the headmaster's vengeful sights set upon tracking her down, and the greedy desires of the patrons still haunting her every step, any plans for a safe life begin to unravel rapidly. As Charlotte begins to understand just how dangerous the world she has grown up in can truly be, she is forced to push her genetic alterations to their limit to protect herself and those she loves; and in the midst of it all she is forced to choose between her past with James, a past that could cost her, her life, and a future with Matt that would mean turning her back on her friends, still struggling to survive at Kingston Academy.
The second book in the Altered series, Hunted brings the dark and twisted world of Kingston to life once more, as well as the far-reaching ghosts of its industry, the seedy underworld of human trade and the true weight having altered powers carries for the altered students.

Book One: Altered
Book Two: Hunted
Book Three: Feared (coming soon)

LeOoOo6 LeOoOo6 Jan 31
So who replaced Freya. I knew it was her because she can shapeshift but wouldn't her seat be empty?
Pamerz210 Pamerz210 Apr 04, 2016
This is an amazing book. I literally read it 24/7. I love it soooo much😭😍
CherriBar CherriBar May 09, 2016
I've just now finished reading Altered.  Great story!  I can't wait to see what happens next...
themoonmermaid themoonmermaid Jul 06, 2016
But that means she is gonna get killed?! Why would she agree
AileneMorse AileneMorse Mar 19, 2016
I just finished reading altered and now I'm on your second book. Keep writing miss Sorcha. I love it. :)
WolvAngelz_Syk WolvAngelz_Syk Mar 02, 2016
Thats a suprise. It must be a living hell for James. What a pity?