Biker Mice from Mars - Mountain Drift

Biker Mice from Mars - Mountain Drift

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After a miscalculation with the Tug Transformer on Earth, which resulted in their sworn enemy's sudden demise, the bros decide it's time to fix up their old ship and start to head back home. Suddenly, they are shot down, and the ship has broken apart into pieces upon re-entry of earth's atmosphere, scattering Vinnie, Throttle, and Modo across North America! Now Throttle has crash landed, and is injured badly on a barren, alpine mountain! 

At the same time a young man, Manuel Vernandez, is driving home from Bogus Basin, Idaho in his modified Civic CR-X. He has been delivering cooking supplies for his father, who lives at the Bogus Basin resort, running a restaurant called "Shifters". Through a twist of fate he finds Throttle alongside the road on his way and brings him back to his home to help him recover and find the others. However, there is more to Manuel than there seems to be. Manuel is a mechanic at a mechanic shop called Torque Nut motors and delivery boy for his father by day, but by night, he is a speed-hungry street racer! Hurling down the mountain bend like a man with a death wish, setting record times for the Bogus Basin Course!

 But that is the least of Manuel's secrets!

Find out if Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie find each other and discover the tragic past of Manuel Vernandez in Mountain Drift!

Book 1 of Road to Redline

Biker Mice From Mars™ (C) Rick Ungar 1993-2015
Initial D™ (C) Suichi Shigeno 1995-2015
Text (C) Fire_Drifter (M. C) 2015

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