Three brothers three fates (avengers/percy Jackson)

Three brothers three fates (avengers/percy Jackson)

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percababie By jamiebarnes21 Updated Dec 22, 2015

While friga is showing Loki around earth
They stumble on a young boy
His name is Perseus Jackson and without odins permission she takes him home

She hides him from Odin 

Wen Loki is feeling neglected he goes to his favorite brother
Percy Jackson 

When percy is sent off to camp Loki grows up mad and sad

And so when the war with the chitari starts percy gets involved with the avengers

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Wait..... Percy never told her that his real name was Perseus.... HOW DID SHE KNOWWWWW
MadilynnRogers MadilynnRogers Jul 28, 2017
                              She is not holding multiple kids' hands, that are all named loki
LoverGirl658 LoverGirl658 May 17, 2017
                              I'm sorry I  just had to ;-; since i ship Percy with loki
Freya is the twin sister to Magnus Chase's dad who's name I have forgotten
Fos1106 Fos1106 Mar 14
*look at the cracked forth wall*
                              Anyone have a glue? No? Oh well.
andraa1006 andraa1006 Jul 24, 2017
Frigg and freya are different gods, frigg can be called frigga in english though.