The Desmond Files ✅ Completed

The Desmond Files ✅ Completed

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Wendy Writes By WendyWrites Updated Aug 19, 2013

This book contains the steamy, uncensored, and RESTRICTED CHAPTERS from the Desmond File books as well as ONE SHOTS for characters featured in:

Catch, Curse, Release (Completed)
Haunted Nights (Completed)
Catch, Curse, Regroup (TBD)

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edsheeranever edsheeranever Nov 26, 2017
                              Teacher: lets play a game, who would like to suggest one? 
                              Student: show me yours and I'll show you mine.
docopeland docopeland Apr 07, 2016
He really should have talked about what would happen after they had sex. She's gonna be pissed!
insomnireader insomnireader Nov 19, 2016
Blasting holes into forever... not sure if it was intentional but I love the Fences reference
Mama_G Mama_G Jan 07, 2016
Oh how I looove when a man takes his time with our breasts.....good gawd I need to calm da hell down or I'm gonna have to wake hubbylicious!!!
Mama_G Mama_G Jan 07, 2016
Oh yesssssssss baby my fore is for you n you only you delicious edible specimen
Mama_G Mama_G Jan 07, 2016
I've been wondering ...since he's turned down every woman to hopefully be claimed as his bride and was respectfully denied ...does it mean he still has his V card? I'm sure he doesn't since he's hundreds? of years old?????
                              The lucky biotch who had the joy of experiencing him....sigh